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Data warehouse

Today’s data-driven world requires a new kind of data warehouse solution. One which can truly scale on-demand and pause when not in use, handle exponential data growth across all types of data, protect access to your data and deliver predictive analytics for true business transformation.

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Enable transformative data insights

Transform your business through predictive analytics over all of your data with tools you already know and love – Power BI, Excel and third-party BI tools. Plus, seamless compatibility with machine learning, ingestion, data movement and data store services ensures transformative insights over all your data.
“With Azure SQL Data Warehouse, we use PolyBase to ingest data from HDInsight then run thousands of analytical queries per day over tens of billions of records – about 20 TB of data. This enables us to monitor price history and market dynamics to adjust pricing and ensure we’re offering our customers the best price.”

Christoph Leinemann, Senior Director Data Engineering

Use Azure data warehouse to enable data insights.
Scale data warehouse tools with Azure.

Scale with more freedom

No need to over-provision or over-pay. Decoupled storage and compute models give you more freedom to easily scale your environment. Plus, the ability to pause compute gives you even more budget flexibility for batch-based workloads. With Azure data warehouse solutions, you can ingest all your data with no trade-offs.

Pound Sand
“Getting featured in the iOS App Store was a big deal for a small company like ours as our users increased from 3,000 to 300,000 in 48 hours. To keep up with this 100-fold increase in workload, we simply added data warehouse compute capacity by moving a slider and our services just scaled in minutes – we didn’t miss an insight.”

Paul Ohanian, CTO

Get up and running quickly

Provision a data warehouse solution in 3 to 5 minutes. Azure uniquely scales your compute in seconds – delivering the promise of cloud elasticity to data warehousing. Use T-SQL skills to ingest and query data from on-premises and cloud sources – all for approximately 10 times the value of traditional solutions.

Integral Analytics
“When we learned about the pause and resume capabilities of SQL Data Warehouse and integrated services like Azure Machine Learning and Data Factory, we switched from AWS Redshift, migrating over 7 TB of uncompressed data over a week for the simple reasons of saving money and enabling a more straightforward implementation for advanced analytics.”

Bill Sabo, Managing Director of Information Technology

Provision a data warehouse solution quickly.
Keep data secure and encrypted.

Protect and help secure data

Gain multiple layers of data protection – starting with data encryption and auditing. Azure uniquely offers threat detection which functions like an alarm system over your data. Also, support for Azure Active Directory helps limit BI access to the appropriate subset of the data to further support compliance policies.

Use the data warehouse solution that is right for you

Find and leverage popular data migration and management tools in the Azure Marketplace to quickly use the full value and power of your data.

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