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Microsoft Power BI on Azure

Realise the value of your enterprise data. Bring the insights discovered in Azure data and analytics tools to everyone in your organisation.

Self-service and modern enterprise BI

Power BI is a unified self-service and enterprise analytics solution. It lets you visualise your data and share insights across your organisation and embed them in your app or website. Azure Analytics and Power BI together provide insights at scale, allowing you to develop the data-driven culture needed to thrive in a fast-paced, competitive environment.

Connect to and easily model any data through simple data exploration experiences with help from native AI and ML

Share and collaborate via interactive, paginated reports inside and outside your organisation

Apply data protection that persists even when the data is exported to other file types

Use Azure data models, enterprise data stores and databases to provide the scale that enables fast decision making

Create amazing data exploration experiences

Connect to your data, wherever it is

Access data from hundreds of sources, including prebuilt connectors for popular Azure services such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Analysis Services and others for a view of all your data.

Prep and model your data with ease

Reclaim hours in your day using Azure Synapse Analytics as a starting point to easily prepare and model your data.

Bring your data to life

Create interactive reports personalised to your business and view them on any device to drive fact-based decision making across your organisation.

Get started with Power BI Learn why Power BI and Azure are better together

Allow everyone to make decisions with confidence

Use conversational language to get answers

Explore data and get meaningful answers to questions asked in your own words.

Get insights instantly

Use prebuilt report templates that highlight insights about common applications and Azure services.

Put insights into the places you work most often

Use the Power BI mobile app and embed reports in collaboration tools like Teams and SharePoint or in apps or websites.

Getting started

Improve data performance and control

Unify your data estate across Azure and Power BI

Reduce complexity through a self-service and enterprise BI platform that integrates with Azure services.

Bring timely insights for big data

Get the most value from any size data through the native integration of Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics.

Maintain control while empowering users

Allow business users to complete reporting while IT maintains systems’ control through Microsoft governance, compliance and security capabilities.

Govern and better protect your Power BI data

Help prevent exposure of sensitive data

Apply data protection that persists when Power BI data is exported to other file types such as Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.

Help meet compliance obligations

Meet compliance standards for your industry more easily while using national clouds to meet local regulations.

Partner with a privacy advocate

Better protect your data from unauthorised persons or inappropriate access with strict privacy and customer data protection standards.

Power BI documentation and training resources

Power BI Developer Center

Learn what Power BI developers can do.

Start developing

Embedded analytics

Learn how to embed Power BI in applications to put analytics at users’ fingertips.

Develop embedded analytics

Develop Power BI visuals

Create your own Power BI visuals to help tell better data stories.

Learn more

Power BI customers turn data into opportunity

Build a modern data estate

"As we grew, we needed something more dynamic, more visually appealing, and more user-friendly for our colleagues. Power BI fits the bill in all of those respects."

Paul Silvester, Delivery Manager, Metro Bank
Metro Bank

Move to data-driven decision making

"We have insight, accountability, transparency, and the ability to democratize data throughout the organization—we're empowering everyone to make better decisions."

Edson Crevecoeur, Vice President of Strategy and Data Analytics, Miami HEAT
Miami Heat

Use BI to help reduce risk

"The power of Power BI is that… the data speaks for itself and lets physicians draw their own conclusions without any intervention from administrators."

Sébastien Landry, Director of Medical Affairs, Hôpital Montfort
Hôpital Montfort

Frequently asked questions about Power BI

  • Most start by downloading Power BI Desktop, our free authoring tool. It allows you to connect to all your data sources, model your data and create interactive visualisations that you can share with your team.
  • Among the hundreds of prebuilt Power BI data connectors are Azure-specific connectors for services such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Analysis Services.
  • Power BI Pro is a cloud-based, self-service BI tool that is available as a SaaS solution. Power BI Premium, also a cloud offering, is an add-on to any Power BI Pro deployment to enable content consumption for large user bases without buying individual licences for each consumer. Power BI Premium also offers additional controls, options and capabilities, including access to Power BI Report Server for on-premises reporting. See a comparison to understand why it might make sense to add Power BI Premium to your Power BI Pro deployment.
  • Power BI Embedded is a purpose-built solution for companies that want to embed content into their own applications. Power BI Embedded is an Azure service. Learn more.

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