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Offline media import for Azure

Migrate your offline media to Azure with our partners

Microsoft Azure provides the flexibility and tools you need to store and use your data.

The cloud solution for data storage

For security and scalability, the Microsoft Azure cloud is an ideal place to store your data. From low-cost archive storage to high-performance, SSD-based storage, you choose the speed of access and corresponding tier—we’ll take care of the rest. Once your data is available in Azure, you’ll be able to unlock higher-value scenarios for analysis, transformation, and distribution.

Options for data usage

Azure offers several ways to use your cloud data. Store it in a long-term archive as part of your disaster recovery solution. Use the information to drive creative solutions; for example, to provide video-on-demand content. Or use analytics services such as HDInsight to evaluate your data, deriving deeper insights.

Partner-driven migration services

The Azure partners listed below specialise in migration of data from offline media such as tapes, optical drives, hard disks, or film. They provide the hardware and facilities to perform all aspects of your migration, including secure transport, chain of custody, data extraction, data recovery, and data sanitization.

Partner Country/Region
Interica US, EU, Asia
Iron Mountain US, EU, Asia
Katalyst Data Management US, UK, EU, AU, Asia
Tape Ark US, EU, Asia, UK, AU
Tronix Data US, EU, Asia
Trusted Data Solutions (TDS) US, EU, Asia
XenData US
United B.V. EU


The offline media import and migration programme connects customers with third parties that provide services for uploading data into Azure. Microsoft does not support, endorse, or make any representation, guarantee, or assurance regarding these third parties and their respective solutions, services, or products. Microsoft receives no fee or commission from these third-party import and migration services. Any third-party solution, product, or service that you acquire, and any exchange of data between you and such third-party provider, is solely between you and the third party, meaning that you make your own arrangements for data import and migration directly with the third-party provider you select. These third-party solutions, services, or products may be subject to the third party’s terms, conditions, and privacy statements. Microsoft has no liability for the actions of any third-party providers of these solutions, services, or products.

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