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The Ultimate Guide to Windows Server on Azure

Implement a quick, simple, and low-impact Windows Server migration to Azure. Enhance your existing Windows Server skillset as you move your workloads to the cloud. Read this guide to: 

  • Get tactical steps for implementing your migration.
  • Review key pointers on how to migrate smoothly with minimal impact to your business.
  • Find exclusive resources from Microsoft and Microsoft partners to learn more about the capabilities and the opportunities available for data centers invested in Windows Server.

Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing Operations with Azure

Mitigate production and service disruptions by connecting your equipment and applying advanced analytics and machine learning to anticipate outages. 

By implementing Predictive Maintenance on Azure, manfucturers can:

  • Sustain quality standards 
  • Avoid expensive downtime 
  • Maximize Overall Equipment Effectiveness 
  • Optimize equipment upkeep and lifetime value
  • Make data-driven decisions 

Enabling Data Residency and Data Protection in Microsoft Azure Regions

 This paper provides guidance regarding: 

· Understanding Azure’s regional infrastructure and how to make optimal architecture decisions.

· Data residency assurances and how customers can control data residency.

· Data access to telemetry data, including elevated access for support data, and how customers can manage data access.

· How Microsoft protects customer data from unauthorised access and how Microsoft handles government requests, including implications of the Cloud ACT.

· Tools that customers can use to protect themselves from unauthorised and authorised data access.

· Data retention and deletion.

Enterprise DevOps Report 2020–2021

Discover how to scale DevOps practices throughout your organization to improve business metrics, customer satisfaction, and Developer Velocity—creating the right environment for developers to innovate. Download Enterprise DevOps Report 2020–2021, a Microsoft and Sogeti research study of more than 250 cloud and DevOps implementations. Use the report’s recommendations as a blueprint for your successful adoption of enterprise DevOps.

Read the report to learn about:

  • Six key areas of enterprise IT, including governance, that face significant challenges as part of enterprise DevOps transformation.
  • Common ideologies and patterns followed by top performing adopters to address the challenges of enterprise DevOps.
  • Strategies implemented by successful enterprises to build continuous governance, security, quality, and compliance into their engineering processes.
  • DevOps best practices to enable your organization to support distributed teams and remote work.

The Revenue and Growth Opportunities for Microsoft Azure Partners

Learn how to accelerate your growth, reduce costs, and get the most value from Azure and Microsoft as a technology partner.

In this study from Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Microsoft, you’ll learn how Azure has helped technology companies reach more customers, improve their agility, and go to market faster. You’ll also see how Azure enables software vendors to enter new markets and get exposure to the 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies that already use Azure. Plus, you’ll learn about the best practices that helped those partners succeed.

For this study, Forrester interviewed Azure partners of varying sizes around the world. Read about how these partners used Azure to:

  • Close deals that are up to 100 percent larger in revenue than their average contract value.
  • Increase the size of deal flow pipelines by 50 to 100 percent on average. 
  • Bring in more revenue from expected follow-on services.
  • Boost license annual recurring revenue by 10 percent as customers see more value from specialized Azure services.
  • Build, sell, and market solutions that increased IP margins by 5 percent.
  • Sell faster and reach customers in new markets through Azure Marketplace. 

Download the study to discover the lessons that were learned, explore the most important market factors driving partners’ growth, and get advice from your peers who continue to scale their businesses with Microsoft. 

Cloud migration checklist: Simple steps to start your migration today

Make a cloud migration plan with Microsoft Azure that meets your organisation’s unique business and compliance needs. This migration checklist provides easy, step-by-step guidance on the tools, planning and resources you’ll need to migrate your apps, data and infrastructure to the cloud with confidence – no matter where you currently are in the process. 

Download the checklist to:
  • Learn key steps and best practices to assess and migrate your on-premises workloads.
  • Get quick access to expert guidance, tools and resources to help you plan your next steps.
  • Estimate your cloud costs and see how Azure is less expensive compared to other providers.
  • See how Azure helps boost security and may lower your total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Azure for Architects, third edition

Design your cloud solutions with high availability, security and scalability

Get expert guidance for cloud, serverless and data analytics design

Base your cloud solutions on strategy and architecture that meets the needs of your organisation. In the Azure for Architects e-book from Packt Publishing, you’ll find simplified guidance for everything from understanding core services to delivering advanced solutions. In this updated third edition, you’ll also to learn how to design serverless architectures and gain meaningful insights from your data systems. Explore topics including:

  • Common design patterns, principles and best practices for working in Azure.
  • Designing for high availability, performance, scale and resilience, and making informed deployment decisions about deployment strategies.
  • Core Azure services as well as advanced solutions that use the Internet of Things, serverless computing, DevOps and data services.
  • Cost management, security and monitoring to How to ensure that your solutions meet business requirements using cost management, security and monitoring tools.
  • How to accelerate and simplify application development with serverless compute. Build event-driven functions and design applications based on events – with Azure Functions.
  • How to quickly build solutions to connect apps and services and automate workflows without writing code – using Azure Logic Apps. 
  • Delivering unmatched time to insight by migrating your data warehouse system to Azure Synapse Analytics, a fully managed analytics service.

Take a structured approach to your development and create solutions faster with the foundation provided in the updated third edition of this exclusive e-book, free from Microsoft.

Concentration Risk: Perspectives from Microsoft


As adoption of cloud computing becomes more prevalent in the financial services industry, the topic of concentration risk has consistently been a source of interest and, candidly some confusion, in discussions with regulators and customers concerning outsourcing, including use of cloud services. Due to a lack of clarity on these issues, financial institutions may conclude that a risk averse posture dictates a multi-cloud strategy must be adopted. No regulatory guidance mandates a multi-cloud strategy. Rather, as with all forms of outsourcing, concentration risk is one of many risks that must be assessed, and customers must develop governance and have assurance plans in place to mitigate and manage such risks when using cloud services.   

Risk and procurement officers at financial institutions need to respond to regulation and ensure their decisions are optimized against meaningful risk without holding their individual institution back from the opportunity these technologies offer. This paper provides information on steps to assess and mitigate against relevant classifications of risk and, at the same time, implement approaches without the need to adopt a multi-sourcing strategy, which has its own risks and drawbacks.

Eight Ways to Save Money and Maximize Value with Azure Infrastructure

 Learn how to optimize costs and improve the scalability, performance, and security of your IT environment with Azure infrastructure. Read this infographic to learn how to:  

  • Enable productivity anywhere and maintain business continuity. 
  • Help secure apps and networks from cyberattacks with industry-leading intelligence. 
  • Manage and govern IT assets across hybrid environments from a single control plane. 
  • Save money by migrating to the cloud—and continuously optimize your workload costs. 
  • Simplify and accelerate SAP migration. 

Costs and Benefits of .NET Application Migration to the Cloud

Read this analyst report to learn how to save up to 54% vs. on-premises and up to 26% vs. AWS by migrating your ASP.NET applications to Azure. The scalability and managed features of Azure App Service and Azure SQL Database help you improve developer productivity, simplify your operations, and manage your apps more efficiently.

In the report, we review the findings of a modernization platform test that compares a traditional ASP.NET application running on-premises, in Azure App Service, and on AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to increase app availability with zero downtime through deployment slots.
  • How to get started with the Azure Migrate web apps migration tool—specifically designed for .NET web app workloads.

Download this report to learn how to free up time to build your apps and lower costs .