Microsoft Genomics pricing

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Microsoft Genomics is a scalable, secure service for secondary analysis of genomes, starting from raw reads and producing aligned reads and variant calls.

Pricing details

Microsoft Genomics service billing is based on the number of gigabases processed per workflow. The first 10 gigabases are billed at a minimum rate of $-. This is the genome rate. All additional gigabases are billed at the incremental gigabase rate of $- gigabase.

A gigabase is 1 billion (1,000,000,000) bases. Gigabases are computed by counting all of the bases in the submitted files, then rounding up or down to the nearest whole gigabase.

Unit of measurement Features Price
Genomes 1 genome Processing up to first 10 gigabases $-
Incremental bases 1 gigabase Processing of bases beyond first 10 gigabases $-/gigabase

Pricing examples

Gigabases processed Genome rate
(first 10 gigabases)
Incremental bases rate
(all gigabases beyond first 10)
Final Price
5.00 $- Not Included $-
10.00 $- Not Included $-
10.49 $- Not Included $-
10.50 $- $-/gigabase
1 incremental gigabase
11.00 $- $-/gigabase
1 incremental gigabase
100.00 $- $-/gigabase
90 incremental gigabase

Billing data is captured hourly and bills are generated monthly. Please note that you will be billed separately for Azure services consumed in conjunction with the Microsoft Genomics service, such as Azure Storage.


  • If you cancel your workflow before the workflow enters the "in progress" state, you won't be charged. If the workflow enters the "in progress" state and is then cancelled, you will be charged for the quantity of genomes.

  • If the workflow starts and fails due to any error, there won't be any charges. There also won't be any charges if the workflow fails due to expired shared access signature tokens for writing the output file.


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