Azure Digital Twins pricing

Create a digital twin of a physical space on Azure Digital Twins to help organisations analyse how space is used and optimise it to better serve people’s needs at every level – from energy efficiency to employee satisfaction and productivity.

Pricing Details

The price below represents a 50% preview discount

Per-node Pricing $-/node/month
Message Pricing $-/1M messages

Support and SLA

  • Free billing and subscription management support.
  • Flexible support plans starting at $29/month. Find a plan
  • No SLA is available during preview, but will be available during general availability.


  • Any component connected to an Azure Digital Twins spatial intelligence graph is considered a node. In the graph, this includes all spaces, devices, sensors and users. As you model the real world in Azure Digital Twins, those nodes which store metadata and real-time data are the nodes for which you will be billed. Let’s look at two examples of smart building solutions built on Azure Digital Twins:

    • Scenario A: 1 tenant, 1 building, 2 floors, 4 rooms per floor, 1 device per room and 2 sensors per device. In this scenario, there are 36 nodes.
    • Scenario B: 1 tenant, 10 buildings, 3 floors per building, 50 rooms per floor, 1 device per room and 2 sensors per device. In this scenario, there are 6,041 nodes.
  • Messages count three things: API calls to the Azure Digital Twins APIs, incoming (ingress) messages sent to device and sensor nodes in Azure Digital Twins or messages sent from Azure Digital Twins (egress) to other systems. All of these are counted for billing purposes.

  • Pricing Example

    Pricing per node

    In Scenario B, there are 6,041 nodes and the cost for that would be $- per month with discounted pricing, or $- per month with full pricing.

    Pricing per message volume

    If the devices send 1 message per minute, that would be 64,800,000 messages in a 30-day month (1440 * 1500 * 30) and that would be 64.8 million messages at a rate of $- per million results, using the 50% discounted pricing, which would result in $- per month, or $- per month with full pricing.

    In the examples given above, the customer would be charged for the number of nodes, added to the customer’s messaging volume.

    Total price = Pricing per node + Pricing per message volume

    Discounted: $- + $- = $-

    Full price: $- + $- = $-

    Per-node pricing is prorated on an hourly basis. During an hour, if there is fluctuation in the number of nodes connected to Azure Digital Twins, the highest number of connected nodes for that hour will be billed.

    Changing which devices send data and how often those devices send data will affect the overall pricing.


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