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Anomaly detector pricing

Easily add anomaly detection capabilities to your apps.

Easily embed anomaly detection capabilities into your apps so users can quickly identify problems as soon as they occur. No machine-learning background required. Through an API, Anomaly Detector ingests time-series data of all types and selects the best-fitting anomaly detection model for your data to ensure high accuracy. Customise the service to your business’s risk profile. Deploy it where you need it most – only with Azure can you run Anomaly Detector anywhere from the cloud to the intelligent edge.

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The free instance is free of charge with a limited monthly quota of up to 20K transactions and is a great way to get started with the service and learn how to use it in your application.

The Standard instance is designed for running production workloads. Pricing is based on the number of transactions you make. A “transaction” is an API call with a request payload size of up to 1,000 data points included in the time series, with each increment of 1K data points being added to each additional transaction.

Additionally, Anomaly Detector now supports multivariate anomaly detection. This multivariate capability is available as a separate API and is available free in preview.

Instance Features Price
Free - Web/Container Univariate anomaly detection 20000 free transactions per month
Standard - Web/Container Univariate anomaly detection
Multivariate anomaly detection1
$- per 1,000 transactions
1Multivariate pricing is free for preview. Pricing will be announced later at GA.

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Frequently asked questions

  • A transaction is an API call with a request payload size of up to 1,000 data points inclusive in the time series; each increment of 1K data points will add to another one transaction. For example, an API call with request payload size = 2,050 is three transactions. The maximum request payload size is 8640 data points. Each data point in the time series is a time stamp/numerical value pair.

  • Usage is throttled if the transaction limit is reached on the free tier. Customers cannot accrue overages on the free tier.

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