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Azure webinar series: How to Migrate SQL Server from IaaS to PaaS

Join this webinar to learn about the many ways to lower your data costs when you migrate to Azure SQL, with managed services alone providing many operational and financial benefits.

Azure webinar series: .NET App Migration Lessons Learned from an Azure Partner

Join this webinar to learn how an Azure partner and a cloud migration platform can simplify your complex web application migration journey. We’ll sit down with the CEO of Unify Cloud, a valued Solution Assessment partner for the Azure Migration Program, Marc Pinotti, and dive into scenarios and lessons learned from real world customers.

Azure webinar series: Four Ways to Take Your Data Security to the Next Level

Across the security landscape, organizations continue to face challenges that enhance the risk of significant financial loss, damage to market reputation and customer satisfaction. The cloud has been proven to be more secure in many ways than corporate datacenters, and Microsoft’s investments in cybersecurity make Azure SQL a trusted destination for your SQL Server data.

Azure webinar series: Operate Hybrid Cloud Seamlessly with Azure Stack HCI

Join this webinar to learn about modernizing your datacenter and improving operational performance with new features from Azure Stack HCI, now generally available as a subscription service.

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