Getting started with Azure in Open Licensing

If you have purchased Azure in Open credits from a reseller, please select from the following redemption options to use your Azure services.

New subscription

Activating a new subscription using your credits


Existing subscription

Adding more Azure credits to an existing Azure in Open Licensing subscription

Add credits

Purchase Azure through your reseller

Microsoft Azure offers a fast, easy way to start getting the benefits of the cloud for your business, such as saving money on IT and scaling up or down as needed. You can now buy Azure through the Open Licensing programme, which provides a simple, flexible way to purchase cloud services from your Microsoft reseller.

A familiar, convenient purchasing option

Many small and medium-sized businesses purchase through Microsoft Open Licensing, and now Azure is available through the same convenient programmes as other Microsoft software.

Getting started

It’s easy to get started on Azure. Contact your Microsoft partner and find out how the cloud can benefit your business. Need to find a partner? Visit Microsoft Pinpoint to start today.

Are you a Microsoft partner?

Azure in Open Licensing provides a great way to grow your cloud business with a familiar licensing option that enables you to easily add cloud services along with your other on-premises solutions. Cloud opportunities are exploding, with 35% of Azure business coming from partners like you. Visit the getting started page for more on how you can take part in this opportunity. You can also find more information for partners on the Partner Marketing Center, including a pricing calculator just for Open Licensing.

It’s easy. Here’s how it works

You purchase Azure Monetary Commitment credits from your reseller in the form of an Online Service Activation (OSA) Key. You can use your credits against any consumption-based Azure service for 12 months following the activation of your OSA Key. Azure pricing is specific to the services consumed. View the complete list of Azure Services available for Monetary Commitments and detailed pricing here.

Azure service credits are redeemable in increments of the approximate equivalent of $100 per unit purchased. See the equivalent amount of Azure service credit per unit purchased by currency using the currency selector. The below table is the list of currencies that can be used to purchase Azure.

*Azure credit value excludes any taxes paid on purchase

Adding credits to your subscription

You can add credits to your Azure in Open subscription(s) at any time by purchasing through your partner using the same process that you followed originally. Credits are used on a ‘first in, first out’ basis, and each purchase must be used within 12 months of activation.

In the event that you are at risk of exhausting your credits, prior to reordering additional credits through your partner, there is an option to add credits to your subscription(s) using a credit card. This is done by selecting which subscription you would like to add credits to in the usage and billing portal. From this page, select the ‘Add Credits’ option, then select the credit card option under ‘Method’.

Please note, this feature is not available in the following countries:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Korea
  • Russia
  • Taiwan
  • Ukraine

Getting support

Contact your reseller for support, or submit a support case online through the Microsoft Azure classic portal. Subscription and billing issues do not require a support contract. However, technical/break-fix issues will require an Azure support plan, which is sold separately.

For details on available support plans, visit the Azure Support Plans page.

More details

More details on Azure in Open, such as offer availability, usage quotas, service level agreements and usage quotas, can be found on our Pay-as-you-go page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)