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Azure for independent software vendors (ISVs)

Let's build together. Innovate, grow, and scale with a cloud you can trust.

Navigate challenges and accelerate growth

Migrate an existing app to the cloud, build a new ​SaaS offering, or expand your solution portfolio with Microsoft Azure—a leading cloud technology that helps fortify your business so you can​ keep thriving.

Discover three ways to future-proof your business and do more with less. Get the infographic

Discover resources

Find tutorials, technical documentation, and free code samples to get started building and managing SaaS apps on Azure.

Migrate and optimize apps

Get tools and resources to help you move, manage, and secure all your workloads for a better customer experience.

Publish and sell apps

Speed up your sales cycle and drive more leads when you publish in the Microsoft commercial marketplace.

Become a Microsoft partner

Get started with a free account. Partners can also join the ISV Success Program and access USD125 thousand in benefits.

Innovate and ship faster

Stay ahead of the curve with development tools and services that support AI, analytics, and data. 

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Run your apps anywhere

Gain flexibility and achieve global scale with unified management and industry-leading security.

Reach more customers

Tap into Microsoft’s network and connect with over 90,000 global partners to grow your business.

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Discover the Azure SaaS Development Kit

Move to a software as a service (SaaS) model faster with a kit of pre-built, modular resources that can be configured and deployed in 15 minutes or less.

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Explore solutions across industries

Create personalized experiences, bring insights to employees, and optimize supply chains.

See how Everseen used Azure and NVIDIA technology to build a platform that helps major retail customers reduce inventory loss, optimize operations, and boost sales.

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Help your customers build a clean-energy future and make progress toward sustainability and business goals.

See how Envision built an Energy Operating System on Azure that helps companies find ways to optimize energy resources and transition to renewable energy.

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Delivering active security for cloud-native apps

Find out how Tigera helps organizations increase security and reduce vulnerabilities with industry-changing innovation that supports the growing need for container and Kubernetes security.

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Making faster, more informed decisions with Azure

See how OneStream helps organizations reduce the financial operations complexity by unifying corporate performance management (CPM) processes such as planning, financial close and consolidation, and reporting and analytics through a single solution.

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Achieving high availability with Azure migration

TomTom’s homegrown IT infrastructure could no longer handle the capacity needed to meet customer demand. Learn how TomTom modernized their applications with Azure and migrated from on-premises to the cloud without affecting real-time app performance.

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