Azure resiliency

Build with confidence on Azure with high availability, disaster recovery and backup

Azure Availability Zones

  • Run highly available applications using Availability Zones with an uptime SLA* of 99.99% for Virtual Machines at General Availability.
  • Regions with Availability Zones feature a minimum of three zones. Each zone contains one or more data centres for isolation.
  • Availability Zones are physically isolated with independent network, power and cooling, protecting your applications and data from unusual data centre-level failures.
  • For added Disaster Recovery protection within your data residency boundaries, leverage the global scale of Azure regions.

Learn more about Availability Zones

* 99.99% SLA applies to Virtual Machines that are deployed in two or more Availability Zones in the same region.

Achieve High Availability faster in the cloud

Cloud-based High Availability on Azure does not require investments in on-premises hardware. Gain an understanding of the characteristics of a highly available cloud including availability, scalability and fault tolerance. Review the High Availability checklist to make sure you are protecting your organisation’s uptime.

Choose recovery plans based on business needs

Applications you run on Azure may need to have comprehensive Disaster Recovery based on your business continuity plan. Our disaster recovery solution is secure, affordable, and ensures your applications are available, even when disaster strikes.

Easy backup

Protect against bad code, data corruption and accidental deletion with cost effective backup. Stay compliant with long retention times, maintain reliability through geo-replicated storage and simplify your processes with automation instead of tapes.

Keep your applications up and running

Resiliency can be achieved quickly using Azure’s portal or APIs. Following best practices guidance protects against many threats to your application’s uptime. Learn about application design, deployment and maintenance, data management, errors and failures, and more.