Azure resiliency

Build with confidence with high availability, disaster recovery and backup

Business continuity with data resiliency

Build apps on Azure to take advantage of high availability, disaster recovery and backup on Azure’s global network. Build redundancies at the virtual machine (VM), data centre and regional levels based on your business needs. Also, stay compliant with your country or region’s legal and regulatory requirements respective of the location of your data.

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Achieve High Availability faster in the cloud

As soon as you sign up, you can access the tools, the infrastructure and the guidance you need to deploy your apps in the cloud. Support your most demanding mission-critical apps to build always-available websites cost-effectively. Also, take advantage of an SLA of up to 99.99 per cent for your virtual machines.

Guidance for designing resilient app

Ensure that your mission-critical apps and data are built for resiliency. Visit the Azure Architecture Center for detailed information in order to get started quickly and build correctly the first time. Find guidance on building for security, scalability, performance, cost and manageability – including tested deployment scripts and verified recommendations for your production workloads.

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Easy disaster recovery and backup

Azure Site Recovery, combined with geo-redundant storage, is natively available for disaster recovery. Protect against bad code, data corruption and accidental deletion with cost-effective backup. Stay compliant with long retention times, maintain reliability through geo-replicated storage and simplify your processes with automation.

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Keep your applications up and running

Hear from one of our customers about their resiliency experience building on Azure. Plus, our product team talks about our commitment to delivering a service that meets the needs of your resiliency strategy.