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Azure IoT for retail

Seamless, smart, and secure retail technology solutions to engage customers, empower workers, and enable the next generation of smart retailing.



Enabling smart retail through Azure IoT

Increase efficiency and win your category with digital solutions that build affinity and empower your organization, end to end. The opportunities for digital transformation with the Internet of Things in retail are endless and exciting. Azure IoT for retail delivers operational excellence, an intelligent supply chain, and more powerful business intelligence to enable your organization, and your people to deliver unforgettable customer experiences that drive affinity, create loyalty, and win your category.




Azure IoT enables your business to get to deployment rapidly with retail-specific application templates, a selection of certified devices, and the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio from device to cloud.


Only Azure IoT brings together the intelligent edge with the intelligent cloud to deliver business value that merges advanced retail analytics, AI, and new models of interactivity enabled by Mixed Reality.


Microsoft and our partners bring decades of industry experience to bear alongside a robust portfolio of capabilities to secure and manage the Internet of Things, from the edge to the cloud.

IoT Signals

Microsoft has committed to investing USD 5 billion in IoT research and the intelligent edge—adding new services and features to Azure IoT for industries like retail, driving business strategy and executive leadership discussions to define success in the age of intelligence.

Applications of IoT in retail

Discover common IoT scenarios for transforming your retail business.

  • In-store analytics

    Deliver personalized product recommendations based on customer demographics and in-store behavior. Stock the right products in the right places and give employees the ability to make game-changing decisions with data.

  • Digital distribution and fulfillment centers

    Reduce costs, increase efficiency, and eliminate downtime at your warehouses. Digitally connect and monitor key assets and actions across your automated distribution and fulfillment centers to deliver actionable insights.

  • Connected logistics

    Track shipments in real time across air, water, and land with location and condition monitoring, and prevent spoilage, theft or loss with cold chain tracking.

  • Smart inventory management

    Manage product inventory and shelf availability with sensors that automate receiving, product movement, cycle counting, and tracking. Improve customer experience with consistent inventory across physical and web channels.

  • Security and Safety

    Protect your customers and your employees by digitally securing your data and your storefront.

Finding the right IoT approach for your retail solution

Find a partner

Whether building with Azure IoT services or an IoT platform like Azure IoT Central, we recommend working with one of our certified partners to ensure the best experience, from proof of concept through full-scale deployment.

Learn more about the Azure products and services that can enhance your solution

See a Connected Logistics retail solution in action with Navisphere Vision by C.H. Robinson

The challenges facing global logistics and fleet management continue to grow as more retailers move to just-in-time shipping and warehousing.

A global map showing a companies supply chain


Get a global view of your supply chain from city to city and analyze routes, weather, arrival, and at-risk shipments in real time.


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See retail solutions built on Azure IoT

Attabotics accelerates delivery times with Azure IoT

"See how Attabotics is using Azure Edge Zones and IoT technologies like Azure IoT Central and Azure Sphere to create 3D robotic goods-to-person storage and retrieval and real-time order fulfilment solutions for its ecommerce clients."

Yousef Khalidi, Corporate Vice President, Azure Networking

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