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Azure IoT for energy

Optimize energy distribution while lowering your operational costs.

Drive innovation in energy with IoT energy management

Energy organizations must increase operational profitability, efficiency, and resiliency, all while generating value for stakeholders. Azure IoT supports these goals with technology that optimizes grid performance, manages distributed energy resources, and implements proactive and predictive maintenance. Azure IoT can meet you right where you are with quick start solutions and a network of trusted partners to help you to reimagine energy and power a sustainable future.

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Read about Microsoft’s commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030


Reduce the time to market for your IoT energy solutions with energy-specific app templates, a growing selection of certified devices, and the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of IoT services.


Bring together the intelligent edge with the intelligent cloud with Azure IoT—to deliver energy data in an interoperable format, enabling insights backed by advanced analytics, AI, and new models of interactivity with mixed reality.


Help secure and manage IoT energy solutions with Microsoft and partners—bringing decades of industry experience and a robust portfolio of IoT capabilities. From the edge to the cloud, monitor and manage your solution’s end-to-end security with Azure Sphere and Azure Security Center for IoT. Azure IoT for energy helps you make sure that your critical data is secure and privacy is protected.

  • Common energy IoT use cases

    Explore common uses for IoT in the energy sector and learn more about solutions to boost efficiency in IoT energy management.

  • Grid asset maintenance

    Visualize your grid’s topology, gather data from grid assets, and define rules to trigger alerts. Then use these insights to predict maintenance and provide more safety oversight. Prevent failures and avoid critical downtime by monitoring the performance and condition of your equipment.

  • Energy optimization and load balancing

    Balance energy supply and demand to alleviate pressure on the grid and prevent serious power outages. Avoid costly infrastructure upgrades and gain flexibility by using distributed energy resources to drive energy optimization.

  • E-mobility

    Remotely maintain and service electric vehicle (EV) charging points that support various charging speeds and vehicle types. Make it easier to own and operate electric vehicles by incentivizing ownership and creating new visibility into energy usage.

  • Emissions monitoring

    Monitor emissions in near real-time and make your emissions data more readily available. Work towards sustainability targets and clean energy adoption by enabling greenhouse gas and carbon accounting and reporting.

Find the right IoT approach for your energy solution


Accelerate development with a managed app platform

Get started building apps with Azure IoT Central, a managed app platform that helps you build apps quickly by reducing the number of decisions you need to make to achieve results. Most of the elements of your solution are already coded and managed, so you can focus on adding industry knowledge and rapidly scaling and connecting devices.

Build from the ground up with platform services

Get the robust building blocks for highly customized and flexible IoT applications with Azure platform services. Explore options to create and code your own IoT solution, add and connect devices, and ingest, store, and analyze your data with Azure IoT Hub and Azure Digital Twins.

Learning resources:

Find a partner

Whether you’re building with Azure IoT services or on an IoT platform like Azure IoT Central, work with one of our certified partners to ensure the best experience, from developing a proof of concept through deploying at scale.

Microsoft is recognized as a leader in the IDC MarketScapes for both Manufacturing and Energy IIoT Platform 2019 vendor assessments.
This demo is an example of how Schneider-Electric is transforming the lives of millions of people in Nigeria by providing, reliable, sustainable, and affordable energy with solutions built on Azure IoT.
A Solar Generation Overview for Nigeria

Machine learning

Global dashboard of solar panels

IoT enables Schneider, an energy company to remotely monitor and manage solar panels through a Global Infrastructure Dashboard. The User can view locations across Nigeria and see KPI’s across the entire region, monitoring the overall health and performance of the solar solution. Alerts and escalated issues are sorted by severity. At the top of this list is a medical clinic showing a critical warning.

A dashboard for a healthcare center location

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

An alert signals an issue at a remote location

At the site level we can see schematics of the facility. All assets are tracked for health and performance metrics against their expected and forecast benchmarks. The dashboard indicates that there are critical issues with the batteries and the solar panels. The forecast analysis shows that the current trend could lead to a potential outage, putting patients at risk.

A solar panel warning showing solar irradiance vs. charge for a healthcare center location

Application services

Site issue analysis

The first alert shows that the solar panels are not charging at their optimal capacity due to sand and debris on the panels. If this trend continues, they won’t be able to keep up with demand. We can also see that the batteries are starting to overheat due to a lack of ventilation around the batteries which will greatly reduce battery service life.

A dashboard for a healthcare center location and a button to create a site notification

Machine learning

Create Site notification

User can 'Send Notification' so that the site managers can address the issues. The system automatically creates a notification with all the relevant information prepopulated.

A critical site notification being sent with supporting data and recommended actions

Data services

Notification Sent

The recommended action is to clean the solar panels and ensure adequate ventilation for the batteries. The user confirms these instructions and sends them to the site manager for immediate action.

A dashboard for a healthcare center location showing critical firmware updates are needed

Machine learning

Firmware updates are needed

We can also see that some firmware and settings updates are needed by equipment on site. With the click of a button, we can keep these assets up to date and avoid having to send technicians to the remote sites.

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Energy leaders are doing great things with IoT

E.ON develops a highly secure connected home solution by combining data from electrical devices in the home on a single platform.
"By teaming up with Microsoft and leveraging Azure Sphere, we can leverage the opportunity and power of IoT and AI in a highly secure, trusted and scalable way."
Alex Cirlan, Head of Global Domain – HEM and Software, E.ON
A tablet displaying energy use information for a facility
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