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The DevOps journey at Microsoft

See how teams across Microsoft are transforming through DevOps adoption

The promise and challenge of DevOps

By changing the way we work through DevOps, we deliver better products to our customers and better results to the business. But DevOps adoption isn’t easy. Beyond implementing new processes and technology, the ultimate key to a successful DevOps practice is embracing a DevOps culture. And cultural change is hard, especially in a large company that’s been building technology for decades.

At Microsoft, we know a lot about this challenge. Here are stories of some of the experimentation and learning we’ve experienced in our ongoing DevOps journey.

DevOps stories

Follow our DevOps journey and discover the lessons that teams across Microsoft have learned along the way.

Automating machine learning workflows

Learn how two different teams in the Microsoft developer division combined to turn a successful AI prototype into a Visual Studio product feature by implementing machine learning operations (MLOps).

Evolving Ops to SRE

Discover how the Xbox Reliability Engineering and Operations team transformed cross team collaboration to build a global game streaming service on top of Kubernetes.

Driving engineering excellence

See how the Microsoft One Engineering System team guides teams to become high-performing through tooling and adopting a DevOps-driven culture of continuous learning.

Innovating on open source

Find out how the .NET infrastructure team streamlined developer collaboration to accelerate open-source innovation on GitHub.

Redefining IT monitoring

Explore how the Manageability Platforms teams transitioned from traditional, centralized IT monitoring to enabling a distributed, self-service model of cloud operations.

How Microsoft does DevOps

Collaborating across teams

Breaking down silos between teams is essential to a successful DevOps adoption. Communication, visibility, and aligning on goals is how teams streamline DevOps collaboration and build better products together.

Adopting a growth mindset

DevOps at Microsoft is about continuous learning. Teams must change the way they work, adopt new processes, and see failure as an opportunity to learn. The journey never ends.

Enabling change through technology

Microsoft teams rely on the best tools available. Azure enables us to reliably operate infrastructure at scale and automate processes. Using and contributing to open source accelerates our ability to innovate.

Explore the tools that enable DevOps at Microsoft