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Quantum learning resources

Learn how to develop and apply quantum computing solutions with documentation, quantum tools, community projects, and Azure services.

Overview of Azure Quantum

Build quantum apps and run optimization solutions—backed by Azure scale and reliability—with an open cloud ecosystem built on a trusted cloud platform.

Overview of Quantum Development Kit

Build programs that run on quantum hardware or formulate problems that run on quantum-inspired solvers in the cloud. The Quantum Development Kit provides a tool set interoperable with leading development environments; open-source resources; support for Q#, Qiskit, and Cirq for quantum computing; and access to optimization solvers for running optimization problems in the cloud.

Overview of optimization

Enhance the way you solve optimization problems on classical hardware using algorithms inspired by physical processes.

Overview of quantum computing

Explore quantum computing with your choice of tools: Qiskit, Cirq, or Q#, a high-level programming language rooted in quantum mechanics. Develop apps for quantum hardware using Azure Quantum, and build durable apps with quantum resource estimation and simulation tools.

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Learn how to create and apply quantum solutions

Microsoft Learn

Build new skills with Quantum computing foundations—an interactive, hands-on quantum computing learning path.

Quantum Katas

Learn quantum computing and Q# programming with this collection of self-paced tutorials and quantum programming exercises on GitHub.


Explore quickstarts, tutorials, API references, and code examples.

Open-source libraries and samples

Enhance your skillset and start building your first quantum solution with this collection of ready-to-use code samples.

Industry case studies

Identify possible applications of quantum computing in your industry by exploring case studies with real-world examples.

Q# Blog

Get the latest insights, announcements, and news relating to the Q# quantum programming language.

Research publications

Read about the latest advancement in quantum hardware and algorithms developed by Microsoft researchers.

University curriculum

Become a curriculum partner and request ready-to-teach university-level quantum computing curricula.

Quantum community projects

Q# Community

Browse Q# programming language projects including new libraries, algorithm implementations, and tutorials.

E-book: Learn Quantum Computing with Python and Q#

Learn how to apply quantum computing programming techniques to real-world examples like cryptography and chemical analysis.

Share your quantum project

Tell us about your quantum project ideas and how you’re using Microsoft quantum solutions for a chance to become a featured community member.

Quantum Innovator Series

Learn more about Azure Quantum, the vibrant ecosystem that supports it, and how to get involved by watching live and on-demand events.