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Azure Open Datasets

Curated open data made easily accessible on Azure

Easily access curated datasets and accelerate machine learning

Improve the accuracy of your machine learning models with publicly available datasets. Save time on data discovery and preparation by using curated datasets that are ready to use in machine learning workflows and easy to access from Azure services.

Why use Azure Open Datasets?

Quickly build more accurate models

Account for real-world factors that can affect business outcomes. By incorporating features from curated datasets into your machine learning models, improve the accuracy of predictions and reduce data preparation time.

Promote community collaboration

Share datasets with a growing community of data scientists and developers.

Speed insights with Azure scale

Deliver insights at hyperscale using Azure Open Datasets with Azure’s machine learning and data analytics solutions.

Contribute your datasets

Nominate datasets to help solve real-world challenges, promote collaboration and machine learning research, and advance global causes.

If the nominated dataset qualifies, we’ll get in touch.


There's no additional charge for using most Open Datasets. Pay only for Azure services consumed while using Open Datasets, such as virtual machine instances, storage, networking resources, and machine learning. See the pricing page for details.

Open datasets resources

Data storage and access

Learn how datasets are stored in Azure and accessed using an SDK.

Learn more

Dataset samples

Use an open dataset to train a machine learning model.

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AI for Earth

Learn about AI for Earth, our partner bringing key geospatial datasets to Azure to accelerate applications in climate science and conservation.

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Data Use Agreements

Microsoft provides a series of open licences that you can apply to your datasets.

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Find and share open datasets in Azure.

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