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Azure Deployment Environments

Quickly spin up app infrastructure environments with project-based templates

Deploy the right environment for any stage of development

Quickly spin up environments tailored to the current stage of development with project-based templates. Support collaboration and innovation on development teams with consistent environments and best practises. and encourage experimentation while maximising security, compliance, and cost efficiency.

Templatised environments enable devs to deploy from a customised portal, the CLI, or continuous integration pipelines

Standardised templates make it easy to promote InnerSource and share best practises, tips, and tricks across teams

Environment types preconfigured by admins limit dev control over environments based on the current stage of development

Comprehensive management capabilities help organisations track Azure resources across dev centres and projects

Minimise configuration effort

Deploy the right environment at the right time without worrying about backend processes. Tailor environments to specific projects with a template catalogue and choose a deployment environment option based on your organisation’s identities and Azure subscriptions. Deploy directly from where you work—including the code repository, the CLI, or a customised portal.

Maximise security with centralised control

Configure unique permissions to ramp up protections for pre-production and production environments, and support experimentation in dev/test and sandbox environments. Track resource usage across teams to avoid unnecessary risks or charges.

Remove barriers to collaboration

Support innovation and collaboration through standardised environments. Streamline cross-team workflows by ensuring that dev teams are always working in the same environment while allowing iteration and sharing of best practises. Deploy environments from templates defined by development stage as part of a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline or deploy on-demand and sandboxes to work on proof of concepts.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

Azure Deployment Environments pricing

Improve cost visibility and control by tracking, managing, and governing deployment environments across the organisation from a central point. Ensure costs go to the right place by deploying resources to the relevant Azure subscriptions for development, testing, and production.

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Azure Deployment Environments documentation and resources

Frequently asked questions about Azure Deployment Environments

  • Azure Deployment Environments is currently available across Australia East, Europe West, Japan East, UK South, US East, US East 2, US South Central, and US West 3.
  • Environments and the associated Azure resources are created in customer subscriptions, as preconfigured for the specific project or team.
  • Azure Deployment Environments currently supports Azure Resource Manager templates with immediate plans to support other technologies such as Terraform, Pulumi, and Ansible.
  • Azure Deployment Environments helps with both cost visibility and cost control. Dev infrastructure teams can easily track, manage, and govern environments created by development teams. Additionally, dev infrastructure teams will be able to view the security alerts and costs incurred per environment across teams and organisations.

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