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Azure innovation insights

Executive insights and guidance on AI innovation, intelligent data, cloud infrastructure, and optimization.
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Innovate with AI

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Video series

AI in a Minute: Understand the tech behind generative AI

See generative AI in action in these simple one-minute videos—and learn to take advantage of this rapidly evolving technology for real business impact.
Video series

Transform Your Business with AI

Get guidance from Microsoft leaders on using AI for a competitive advantage in any industry. 
Blog series

Manage AI practices at scale

Accelerate innovation and deliver next-level scalability with large language model operations.
The Wall Street Journal

Special report: AI in the Enterprise

Business leaders are driving value by ushering in a new era of productivity and growth with AI.
Customer story

AT&T boosts operations with AI

AT&T is enhancing employee experiences by automating business processes with Azure OpenAI Service.
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Microsoft Azure presents Cloud Cultures

See how traditions and values influence the way people use cloud technology to improve the world around them.

Intelligent data

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On-demand webinar

Prime your business for AI innovation by unifying your data

See what data rationalization is and how it helps organizations gain the biggest benefits from AI.
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Podcast series

Insider tips to use your data more effectively

Get more data savvy with advice from leading experts on Insights Tomorrow: A podcast for data enthusiasts.
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Customer story

Strabag SE improves operational efficiencies

Strabag SE built a risk management solution that increases efficiency using the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform.

Modern cloud infrastructure

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Research study
The State of AI Infrastructure
Explore the latest trends and developments in AI infrastructure in this comprehensive report.
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Sustainability op-ed

Driving Sustainability for IT Infrastructure

Improve the energy and cost efficiency of your on-premises workloads with the right cloud solutions.
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Customer story

Inflection AI takes a slice of the chatbot revolution with Azure

Inflection AI accelerated development time and reduced downtime for its Pi chatbot using Azure AI infrastructure.
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Turn your vision into impact

Meet challenges head on—and emerge stronger—by boosting efficiency and cloud value.

Optimize cloud value

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Optimize workloads to realize the full potential of your cloud investment

Get resources, tools, and guidance to optimize your workloads and maximize your ROI in the cloud.
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On-demand webinar

Foster business growth by taking full advantage of the cloud

Improve your workload security, reliability, and AI readiness by optimizing your cloud investments.
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Customer story

The University of Miami improves IT reliability and resilience

The school helps protect accessibility to vital network tools and data—even during extreme weather—with Azure.
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Get started

Access funding and expert help

Find guidance, browse resources, access funding, and get expert help for your move to Azure.
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Follow Azure on LinkedIn

Join the Microsoft Azure community to be the first to learn about cloud innovations, industry trends, and relevant updates.
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Work with a Microsoft partner

Find a Microsoft partner to help transform your business, increase profitability, and grow your organization.