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General availability: HPC Cache for NVME-based Storage, Storage Target Management, and HIPAA Compliance

Published date: July 12, 2021

HPC Cache has released read-only support of NVMe-based SKUs. You can now enable NVMe storage using Lsv2 virtual machines – Azure VMs optimized for storage-intensive workloads. Leveraging these high-throughput, low-latency machines permit higher performance at lower prices for read-only workloads. Learn more about storage-optimized VMs in Azure and HPC Cache. HPC Cache will be available for three NVMe SKUs: 4.5 GB/s, 9 GB/sec, and 16 GB/s.

HPC Cache is now HIPAA compliant.

In addition, the July 2021 release included many new features:

  • Multiple Network Time Protocol (NTP) Servers for Hybrid Clouds
  • Metrics per storage target
  • Storage target operations
  • Network isolation documentation
  • Multiple IPs per NFS Storage Target
  • Customer Managed Keys – User assigned identity and default auto key rotation

Explore these new features in the HPC Cache documentation.

Learn more about the latest HPC Cache update.

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