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Azure Machine Learning—Public preview updates for October 2022/Ignite

Published date: October 12, 2022

New features now in public preview include the functionality to promote pipelines and models across AzureML Workspaces and shorten training times, and lower set-up costs with the newest available, and compatible versions of training software for PyTorch.

  1. Use AzureML registries to share ML pipelines and models across teams and workspaces: This feature enables you to access cross-workspace collaboration across MLOps. Data science teams within an organization can now work together to create registries, publish pipelines and models, and promote models across development, test, and production environments. 
  2. Optimize training with the Azure Container for PyTorch: This feature is the latest PyTorch environment, and it is optimized for large, deep-learning workloads. This lightweight, standalone environment offers you accelerated training at reduced costs and in less time. 
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