Queue storage

Durable queues for large-volume cloud services

Decouple components

Build flexible applications using Queue storage to separate functions for better durability across large workloads. When designing applications for scale, application components are often decoupled, so that they can be scaled independently. Queue storage delivers asynchronous message queuing for communication between application components, whether they are running in the cloud, on the desktop, on premises or on mobile devices.

Build more flexible applications

Build in resilience

Queue storage helps make your application scalable and less sensitive to individual component failure. If part of your architecture goes down, messages are buffered then naturally picked up by other message-processing nodes, maintaining the integrity of your workload.

Handling traffic bursts

Scale for bursts

Size your service deployment correctly using Queue storage Applications absorb unexpected traffic bursts, preventing servers from being overwhelmed by a sudden flood of requests. And queue length can be monitored to add elasticity to your application, deploying or hibernating additional worker nodes based on customer demand.

Scale for bursts

"We’re so happy with the interoperability and storage capabilities of Microsoft Azure that, if the need arises to put the entire application in the cloud, we will certainly choose Microsoft Azure based on its scalability and interoperability with PHP and many other open source technologies"

Alexandru Lapusan, CEO & Founding Partner at Zitec

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