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Persistent, highly-secure, cost-effective SSD options to support your Azure Virtual Machines

Get HDD/SSD durability, scalability, availability and security you need for all your workloads – from mission-critical workloads to test scenarios. Use Ultra Disk when you need sub-millisecond latency and extremely scalable performance, Premium SSD high-performance disk storage for production workloads, and Standard SSD for cost-effective and consistent performance.

For your most data intensive workloads, sign up to use Azure Ultra Disk

Simplified management

Select the disk type and size needed for your workload, and Azure will create and manage the disks for you. Easily upgrade from Azure Standard HDD to Premium SSD as your requirements evolve.

Scalable disks for your virtual machines

Create thousands of managed disks simultaneously in minutes with a single Azure subscription. Use VM Scale Sets to deploy a single large cluster for your cloud-native workloads. Scale up your SSD storage capacity without compromising performance, using disk sizes up to 64 TiB.

More secure

Azure Managed Disks encrypt your data at rest, by default, using Storage Service Encryption. Control users’ level of access to your Azure disks with role-based access control (RBAC), and help protect your data with point-in-time backup.

Highly durable and available

Azure Disks are designed for 99.999-per cent availability and have consistently delivered enterprise-grade durability with an industry-leading zero-per cent annualised failure rate. Take advantage of our single instance virtual machine SLA of 99.9 per cent with Premium Disks. Learn more.

The Azure Disk Storage advantage

  • Run mission-critical applications or work with dev/test scenarios. The Azure Disk Storage portfolio can meet your diverse virtual machine workload requirements.
  • Rely on proven options. Azure disks offer cross-platform support for Linux and Windows, and end-to-end integration with trusted Microsoft and leading third-party applications, including custom application images.
  • Reduce your migration risks. A range of cost-effective disk offerings helps you easily migrate Microsoft or third-party applications to Azure with certified lift-and-shift deployment solutions.
  • Tap into a broader community. A rich partner ecosystem is already using Azure disks to help organisations protect their data and assist with disaster recovery.

Ultra Disk: sub-millisecond latency with ultra-scalable performance

For your most demanding, data-intensive workloads, Ultra Disk delivers unprecedented and extremely scalable performance with sub-millisecond latency.

  • Choose a disk size from 4 GiB to 64 TiB
  • Achieve optimal performance per disk, even at low storage capacities.
  • Take control of disk performance without restarting your virtual machines, with a flexible and innovative architecture featuring:
    • Throughput from 1 MB to 2,000 MB per second.
    • IOPS from 100 to 160,000.

Support your digital transformation with disk storage ideally suited for next-generation, data-driven applications, such as: SAP HANA, SQL Server, transaction-heavy workloads, complex analytical modelling, gaming, rendering and low queue-depth databases. Ultra Disk is now supported on SAP HANA.

Premium SSD: high-performance disk storage for production workloads

When performance is critical, take advantage of the low latency and high throughput of Azure Premium SSD.

  • Build your high-performance database with a broad range of Azure Virtual Machines for the speed that’s needed for enterprise workloads.
  • Reach maximum disk performance of up to 20,000 IOPS and 750 MB per second provisioned.
  • Experience maximum disk throughput per virtual machine of up to 80,000 IOPS and 2,000 MB per second – and even faster with caching.
  • Deploy Premium SSD in conjunction with DS-series virtual machines for a unique caching architecture that can deliver lower latency and increased performance.

Premium SSDs represent a good fit for production workloads, such as SQL Server, Oracle databases, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Exchange Server, MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB and SAP Business Suite.

Standard SSD: cost-effective and consistent performance

For a cost-effective disk offering that can work with any Azure VM, and that’s designed to provide consistent latency for low-IOPS workloads, deploy Standard SSDs.

  • improve reliability and scalability for your applications;
  • deliver lower latency compared to Standard HDDs;
  • Experience the same industry-leading durability and availability you expect from Azure Disk Storage.

Standard SSDs can support diverse workloads, such as web servers, low-IOPS application servers, lightly used enterprise applications and dev/test scenarios. Upgrade to Premium SSDs for more demanding and latency-sensitive workloads.

Standard HDD: low cost storage for infrequent data access

Use Azure Standard HDD Managed Disks for non-critical workloads that require infrequent access to your data and when you don’t need production-level performance. Attach Standard HDD disks to any Azure VM to achieve cloud scale for your development and test scenarios, at cost-efficient price points.

Standard HDD Managed Disks can also be used for backup and archiving applications.

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