Azure SQL Edge

Small-footprint, edge-optimized data engine with built-in AI

Simplify edge architecture and application development

Running on ARM and Intel architecture, Azure SQL Edge – now in public preview – brings the most secure Microsoft SQL engine to the edge. This productivity tool for edge computing combines new capabilities such as data streaming and time series with in-database machine learning and graph features. Develop your application once and deploy anywhere across the edge, your data centre and Azure.

Small footprint container running in ARM- and x64-based devices in a connected or disconnected environment

Built-in data streaming and time series, with in-database machine learning and graph features for low-latency analytics

Processes data at the edge before forwarding it to your data centre and cloud storage to optimise network bandwidth and cost

Deployment and updates from Azure or your enterprise portal for consistent security and turnkey management

Use your choice of platform

Expand device architecture coverage to include ARM-based devices on top of x64-based architecture. Choose either Windows or Linux as the operating system, and use Kubernetes to orchestrate your device infrastructure for better efficiency and automation. Run SQL Edge connected or offline to support various edge environments.

See an ARM-based container in action

Store and analyse time-series data

SQL Edge is optimised for edge workloads such as IoT to stream, store and analyse time-series data. Analyse data while it’s being streamed using time-windowing, aggregation and filtering capabilities, and achieve deeper insights by combining data types such as time-series and graph.

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Conduct real-time scoring at the Edge with built-in AI

Detect anomalies and apply business logic at the edge using the built-in machine learning (ML) capabilities. Choose from popular ML languages and convert using Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) to process time-series, graph and other types of data. Put your cloud-trained models on the edge to perform real-time analytics on streaming data.

Watch a demo on real-time analytics over time-series data

Enjoy turnkey management

You don’t need an army of database administrators to install and manage SQL Edge on all your edge devices. Create and deploy the container from a single management portal, and update the container and data schema based on your security-management and business needs.

Get unparalleled performance and security

Built on the same code base as SQL Server and SQL Database, Azure SQL Edge uses the same high-performing and secure engine to answer the demands of edge computing. Get flexible high availability and disaster recovery using Always On with Kubernetes, and protect data on your edge devices using industry-leading security tools such as transparent data encryption, data masking and Always Encrypted.

Simplify your edge architecture

Use a single container for your local streaming, storage and machine learning. As the surface area is the same as Azure SQL Database and SQL Server running on-premises, SQL Edge extends a consistent application development and management experience to the edge. Develop once and run your applications wherever you need.

Frequently asked questions about Azure SQL Edge

  • Try out Azure SQL Edge public preview today and deploy to IoT edge devices and gateways in connected or disconnected environments.
  • While in public preview, customers can transact Azure SQL Edge at no cost in regions where Azure IoT Edge is available. More information on pricing and purchase model will be disclosed after the preview phase.
  • SQL Edge supports ARM64 and x64 devices running on Linux. Windows support is coming soon. If you’d like to use it on another platform or OS, send us your suggestions.
  • SQL Edge will support an offline-only deployment model independent of Azure IoT Edge.
  • Use Azure Stream Analytics, an event-processing engine, to examine high volumes of streaming data. Incoming data can be from devices, sensors, websites, social media feeds, applications or other sources. Stream Analytics also supports extracting information from data streams and identifying patterns and relationships.

    SQL Edge does all that and also includes the capabilities of SQL Database for storage, processing and analytics of data at the edge. Use SQL Edge in a disconnected, semi-connected or rarely connected deployment where local storage and analytics are important.

Get started today with Azure SQL Edge public preview

Try out Azure SQL Edge public preview and deploy to IoT edge devices and gateways in connected or disconnected environments.

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