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Create and share Maven, npm and NuGet package feeds from public and private sources

Add fully integrated package management to your continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines with a single click. Create and share Maven, npm and NuGet packages from public and private sources with teams of any size.

Share code efficiently

Easily share code across small teams and large enterprises.

Manage all package types

Get universal artifact management for Maven, npm and NuGet.

Add packages to any pipeline

Share packages, and use built-in CI/CD, versioning and testing.

Simplify complex build jobs with Artifacts

Keep your artifacts organised

Share code effortlessly by storing Maven, npm and NuGet packages together. And there’s no need to store binaries in Git – just store them using Universal Packages.

Protect your packages

Keep every public source package you use – including packages from npmjs and – safe in your feed where only you can delete it, and where it’s backed by the enterprise-grade Azure SLA.

Integrate seamless package handling into your CI/CD pipeline

Easily access all of your artifacts in builds and releases – Artifacts integrates natively with the Azure pipelines CI/CD tool.

Make a home for your Maven, npm and NuGet packages

Use with your favourite tools

Use with your favourite tools

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Swiss Re

With Azure DevOps, we can share packages across all projects at Swiss Re—there’s nothing but an upside to this.

Alan Wales
Senior Solution Architect, Property and Casualty

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Eliminate the need to manage file shares or host private package servers. Get cloud-hosted, indexed and managed packages.