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Make Room for the Autonomous Edge in Your IoT Strategy

Written for IT and business professionals, this report from Forrester Research explains what edge computing is and how to incorporate it into your larger IoT strategy to help you move beyond proofs of concept and small localised deployments.

Creating Intelligent Spaces

Find out how to successfully plan and implement IoT solutions to improve energy efficiency, space utilisation, and productivity—not just in offices, hospitals, schools, factories, and retail spaces, but also across entire communities and cities.

Achieving More with Connected Products

Learn the six best practises for success with connected products—sensor-embedded devices and equipment that exchange data with other products, operators, or environments.

Securing IoT Devices

Explore five common security risks across your IoT ecosystem, the business impacts of each risk, and get best practises and mitigation strategies to help you develop a security-first approach to help ensure that your products are protected.

Turn Data into Insights

Discover how to improve product quality, asset availability, and process efficiency with time series data—the practise of pairing IoT data with a time stamp. Learn how real customers saw long-term success after starting small.

Data-Driven Workspaces

See how to use IoT, AI, and digital twins technologies to sustainably optimise space utilisation, increase employee productivity, and improve the efficiency of manufacturing operations.

Unlocking ROI

Get a clearer understanding of what you need to do to launch and manage successful IoT projects. Learn how to build solid project foundations, implement your projects effectively to maximise ROI, and when to consider working with partners.


IoT Signals Report

Get a big-picture look at the changing opportunities in IoT, learn from implementations in different industries, and find out how definitions of IoT success may change in the coming years.

IoT in the Real World: Stories from Manufacturing

Learn what it takes to get your manufacturing IoT solution up and running, and discover how to maintain control over data, devices, and applications with Azure IoT.

Connect Your Data to Your Decision Making

Solve your business problems with your own data by adding IoT capabilities to the equipment you already have. And, learn how to grow your business with managed services and solution accelerators.

Beyond Predictive Maintenance: The ‘Art of the Possible' with IoT

Understand the business value and key components of a successful IoT project, as well as how, why, and where to deploy IoT in this commissioned report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Azure IoT Vision Video

Lift your ideas higher, with Azure IoT. We want companies across every industry to achieve more, no matter where they’re starting from, because we know you’re not just looking for the right solution, you’re looking for a better outcome with a dependable partner.

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Innovators Deliver Value with Secure IoT Solutions using Azure Sphere

See how several industry-leading companies are benefiting from Azure Sphere, whether they are creating new IoT devices with built-in security or securely connecting existing equipment.

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Azure IoT Central updates

Bert Van Hoof Partner Group Programme Manager for Azure IoT describes how Azure IoT Central allows you to focus on your domain expertise rather than the plumbing of building a solution and how new app templates provide a starter points for common industry scenarios.

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