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Object Anchors

A mixed reality service that automatically aligns and anchors 3D content to objects in the physical world

Build immersive mixed reality experiences

Azure Object Anchors is a mixed reality service that helps you create rich, immersive experiences by automatically aligning 3D content with physical objects. Gain contextual understanding of objects without the need for markers or manual alignment. Save significant touch labour, reduce alignment errors, and improve user experiences by building mixed reality applications with Object Anchors.

Automatic alignment of 3D content with physical objects expedites creation of guides and instructions

Real-time markerless 3D content alignment creates efficiencies

Reduction in alignment errors saves costs

Use of existing 3D models makes it easy to get started

Simplify training development

Create mixed reality training experiences for your employees without the need to place markers or manually ensure hologram alignment. Simply ingest your models into Object Anchors to save time and focus on creating next-generation training materials.

Guide your employees step by step

Simplify the process of walking employees through a set of tasks by using mixed reality services. Easily overlay content on a physical object—such as a piece of machinery on a factory floor or an object in the warehouse—to assist your employees in successfully completing their tasks with fewer errors.

Streamline 3D visual inspections

Use existing 3D models of objects in your physical space to locate and track instances of that object in any environment. Quickly perform a visual inspection of the object with digital content overlaid for maintenance, repair, or compliance.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

Object Anchors preview is free

There's no cost to use this service during preview. This allows us to learn from customers and make improvements to provide the best experience.

Azure Object Anchors resources and documentation

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Frequently asked questions about Azure Object Anchors Preview

  • With Object Anchors, you can locate and align 3D content to physical objects without the need for markers or manual alignment. This plays a critical role in developing mixed reality guides and training as well as in 3D inspections.
  • Anyone who wants to align 3D content to physical objects within immersive experiences. For example, a company, Contoso, currently provides a mixed reality experience to guide workers through the task of repairing a coffee machine. The user must manually drag and align the asset on top of the machine. With Object Anchors, the machine and its associated parts are automatically detected, and alignment occurs without manual intervention, saving valuable time and reducing errors.
  • Traditionally, marking and tracking physical assets in a mixed reality world requires a user to lay down QR codes so that a device can easily find what it's seeking. Azure Object Anchors eliminates the need to manually drag and mark assets in the correct spot by relying on algorithms to perform these tasks.
  • During the preview, Azure Object Anchors currently supports HoloLens 2.

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