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Developer tools

Build, debug, deploy and manage cloud applications – using any platform or language

Microsoft offers a comprehensive set of development tools for any developer – using any platform or language – to deliver cloud applications. Code with the language of your choice using a range of SDKs and take advantage of fully featured integrated development environments (IDEs) and editors with advanced debugging capabilities and built-in Azure support.

Find the development tool you need

If you want to... Use this
Get all the power and capabilities you need to easily develop, debug, deploy, manage and diagnose cloud-scale applications on Azure, using a full-featured IDE Visual Studio
Edit and debug code quickly with a lightweight code editor that runs on macOS, Linux and Windows – streamlined for building and deploying Node.js and Java apps to the cloud – using serverless computing, containers or managed Web Apps Visual Studio Code
Download and install language-specific SDKs and tools for your platform of choice, including .NET, Java, Node.js, Python and Go SDKs
Use a cross-platform command-line interface to create and manage services and automate everyday tasks in Azure CLIs

Use the developer tools you already know

Develop and deploy to Azure with add-ons for tools such as Eclipse, IntelliJ and Maven.

Customers doing great things with Azure development tools

Dutch residents get insurance portal built with Java, running on Microsoft Azure

"I think it’s very important that Azure supports open-source products and capabilities. It provides me with a lot of flexibility as an architect so I can choose the right solution for the right problem."
Wiljag Denekamp, IT Architect Info Support

Startup uses .NET Core cross-platform development to put the moon in your hands

"We needed the flexibility and productivity to go from zero to 100 instantly, so we felt Azure App Service and .NET Core were our best bets."
Zerlot Ma, Cofounder and CEO

Connecting the disconnected with aid

"With Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin, we developed a native mobile application targeting Android, iOS, and the Universal Windows Platform, all at the same time. This significantly cut our development time and cost by half or more. Code upkeep and upgrades are also much easier."
Frederick Jansen, Software Engineer