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Azure VM Image Builder pricing

Simplify your image building process with easy to use tool

Azure Image Builder is a free image building service that streamlines the creation, update, patch, management, and operation of Linux and Windows images.

Azure Image Builder will deploy resources into your subscription when used, you pay only for the virtual machines, and associated storage and networking resources consumed when running your image building pipeline.

Compute types

Azure VM Image Builder uses a single compute instance type with 1vCPU and 3.5 GiB RAM. In future different amounts of memory and CPU variations will be available to customers.

Customers will be only charged for underline compute, networking, and storage resources.

Additional charges

You may incur additional charges if your builds transfer data or use other Azure services. For example:


There is storage associated with the VM Image Builder Template, to storage any script files, or RHEL ISOs, you are charged at Standard LRS Storage Rates, this will cease on Image Builder Template deletion.

During the image build phase, image Builder requires temporary storage to create the image, this may be approx. 2.5x size of the source image, this only lasts for the duration of the image build. When the image build has completed, you are charged for storage of the image created.


If you replicate images to alterative regions, you will be charged for networking egress.

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Review technical tutorials, videos, and more Azure VM Image Builder resources.

  • All image building resources deployed are in your subscription.
  • Image builder allows multiple configuration options, resources are charged at different rates. For example, an image build requires VM, the more time it takes for the configuration means the increased time VM running time.
  • Azure Image Builder is a free service, but customers will pay for the underlying compute, storage, and networking resources.
  • Up to 2 VMs - standard_d1_v2 always, and Standard A1_v2 if using an existing VNET.

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