Azure Data Share pricing

A simple and safe service for sharing big data with external organisations

Azure Data Share, now in preview, is a simple and safe service for sharing big data. Effortlessly share data with other organisations in Azure. Determine what you share, who receives your data and the terms of use. Azure Data Share gives you full visibility into your data sharing transactions, all from a single user-friendly interface. In just a few clicks, you are ready to share data with this turn-key approach. For custom data sharing scenarios, you can build your own application using the REST API.

Easily share data

Easily share data with other organisations in just a few clicks with no infrastructure to set up or manage.

Govern your data shares

Govern your data shares for safer sharing. Track and manage your data sharing relationships from the intuitive UI.

Expand analytical datasets

Expand analytical datasets for enhanced insights. Combine internal data with third-party data to enrich analytics use cases for deeper insights.

Pricing details

While in preview, Data Share will only charge for dataset movement compute. Dataset movement compute are the resources required to move a dataset from the source to the destination. Dataset movement compute charges are prorated by the minute and rounded up.

Type Price
Dataset movement compute $-/vCore-hour
NOTE: Any changes in pricing will be announced at a future date and notice will be provided prior to the end of the preview period to communicate pricing. Should you choose to continue using Azure Data Share after the notice period, you will be billed at applicable rates.


  • While Azure Data Share is in preview, you will be charged for dataset movement compute to move a dataset from its source to a destination.

  • A dataset is the specific data that is to be shared. A dataset can only include resources from one Azure Data store. For example, a dataset can be an Azure Data Lake Storage (“ADLS”) Gen2 file system, an ADLS Gen2 folder, an ADLS Gen2 file, a blob container, a blob folder or a blob etc.

  • Dataset movement compute includes the underlying resources to execute movement of a dataset from a its source to a destination.

  • You may incur network data transfer charges depending where your source and destination are located. Network prices do not include a preview discount. Refer to the Bandwidth pricing details page for more details.


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