Microsoft Azure China

Entrust your most important workloads to a compliant and secure cloud

Azure China services have distinct pricing and require an account separate from an Azure global account.

  • Get a physically isolated instance of Azure for your cloud computing services – operated by 21Vianet, a company based in China.
  • Keep your customer data within China.
  • Ensure that your enterprise is compliant with Chinese regulations.

Chinese data centres

All your customer data stays within China.

Strict data protection

Built-in security controls help you identify and respond to threats.

Chinese cloud operator

With a company in China operating Azure China cloud services, you stay compliant.

Why choose Azure China?

Maintain compliance with Chinese laws and regulations when you use Azure China cloud computing services. This physically isolated instance of Azure requires you to have an account separate from an Azure global account – the Azure China pricing is distinct. Choose between Azure China and other Azure regions based on your:

  • Data residency and sovereignty needs.
  • Cost and budget considerations.
  • Customers' and organisation's location.

Get compliance and security you can trust

Keep your data within data centres located in China with an Azure China account and stay compliant with international and industry-specific compliance standards. Access to your customer data is controlled by an independent company in China, 21Vianet. Not even Microsoft can access your data without approval and oversight by 21Vianet.

Tackle business challenges with intelligent cloud solutions

Address your business intelligence, big data, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence needs with advanced solutions from Microsoft. Get international hybrid cloud services that allow you to cost effectively bring your infrastructure up to date – without investing in new data centre hardware. Develop and test your Linux and open-source components in Azure China and transition to the cloud at your own pace. Use Windows and Linux virtual machines, platform services such as Azure Active Directory and Azure SQL Database and application platforms such as .NET, JAVA and LAMP.

Use familiar tools on an instance of Azure China

Address your productivity and business application needs with a tool you already know – Office 365 China. At the same time, you'll ensure that your data sovereignty needs are met, too.

Move your workloads to Azure China

Get started with Azure China