Azure for Education

Students and educators can get the developer tools and learning resources they need to build cloud-based skills.

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Build, deploy and manage applications with the comprehensive set of cloud services Azure offers. Whether you’re a student getting started or an educator teaching advanced workloads, we’ve got the most cloud development resources for you.

Azure for Students

Students can innovate and help jump-start their careers with free access to Azure, developer tools and learning resources.

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Azure for Educators

Faculty, professors and teaching assistants get access to open source content for classes and $200 in Azure credits plus free services.

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Azure for Institutions

Prepare your students for cloud-based tech careers with Azure. Provide professional developer tools, software, services and learning content for your faculty and students with a low-cost Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscription.

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Universities are doing great things with Azure

“By using Azure Notebooks, students aren’t hindered by installation issues. They can just start working straight away. All they need is a decent browser and an Internet connection.”

– Dr. Garth Wells: Hibbit Reader in Solid Mechanics, Department of Engineering

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University of Cambridge

“We tried several solutions and found that many cloud-based IoT platforms are overly complicated for what they do. Among the possible options, Azure was the best choice to get this done.”

– Luca Mottola: Associate Professor, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

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Students build a prosthetic solution using Azure

In July 2018, two students from Canada won the Imagine Cup and took home $85000 plus $50000 in Azure grants for designing an accessibility-focused solution. They created smartARM, a robotic prosthetic hand that calculates the appropriate grip for objects by utilising Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

Meet Team smartARM and their incredible innovation