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Azure Monitor Application Insights for Java

Full visibility into your Java applications, infrastructure and network

End-to-end monitoring and analytics for your Java workloads

Get fully-managed, native monitoring functionality for your Java workloads on Azure – including application performance monitoring (APM) through Azure Monitor Application Insights.

Quickly identify and troubleshoot issues with your distributed Java application through combined, end-to-end infrastructure monitoring, network monitoring and analytics capabilities. Take advantage of live metrics streaming, request rate and response time tracking, event tracing and external dependency rates – everything you need to monitor the availability, performance, reliability and usage of your web applications on Azure or on-premises.

See why Azure Monitor is a great choice for Java

Strong support for Spring and frameworks such as Micrometer and Spring Boot.
Native integration with other Azure services and out-of-the-box telemetry and insights into Kubernetes clusters and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) workloads.
End-to-end Java monitoring between APM and virtual machines, storage and databases. Trigger packet captures, diagnose routing issues and analyse network security group flow logs.
Pay-as-you-go pricing: Unlike traditional Java APM tools, with Application Insights, you only pay for the data that you ingest.

Visualise all of your app components and interactions

View all of your application components and their interactions—including health analytics and alert statuses—with Application Map. Detect potential issues at a high level and then drill down into individual distributed request traces to get detailed performance information on bottlenecks, errors, and failures. And, Application Map doesn’t just work for Java: it supports multiple frameworks and polyglot applications.

Improve your Java app with comprehensive application insights

Gain powerful insights to make data-driven decisions to improve your Java app: Use Application Insights to discover which features are most popular with your users and whether users are achieving their goals with your app.

Derive insights from huge amounts of data within seconds

Use an extensive query language to manage, analyse and get insights from massive amounts of operational data within seconds with Azure Monitor logs. Quickly and thoroughly investigate issues and correlate data from different data sources.

Use Azure Monitor across your entire Java toolchain


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