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Visual Authoring API for Power BI Embedded now available

Published date: August 14, 2019

The new and exciting Power BI Report Authoring SDK extension was added recently. This extension allows to programmatically create visuals, bind them to columns, measures, hierarchies, and personalize them by setting properties like axis visibility and titles. Installed custom visuals are supported as well!

Following are several use cases which are supported now by using the new API:

  • ISVs that provide their customers with a friendly 3-4 step wizard for self-creation and personalization of new visuals
  • ISVs that provide their customers with a friendly UI to customize existing reports for further exploration
  • A chatbot that builds embedded visual analytics in the bot, based on user inquiries


quick visual creator Power BI Embedded

Learn more in our wiki, try the Power BI Embedded Playground Quick Visual Creator Showcaseand interact with the new APIs in the Sample tool.

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