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Announcing Azure Synapse Analytics pre-purchase plans, now generally available

Published date: October 14, 2021

Azure Synapse simplifies your analytics workloads by providing data preparation, data warehousing and big data analytics in a single, secure workspace.

Now save up to 28 percent on your Azure Synapse workloads

Starting today, you can now optimize your Azure Synapse costs with Azure Synapse pre-purchase plans, now generally available across all global regions except China.

Pre-purchase plans enable you to pre-pay for Azure Synapse compute for a one-year term. Customers that use this pricing option can save up to 28 percent compared to pay-as-you-go pricing. All generally available core capabilities in Azure Synapse are eligible for pre-purchase excluding Synapse storage.

This plan differs from the reserved capacity pricing option in that it allows you to pre-purchase SCUs (Synapse Commit Units) that can be used at any time and across any workload. This includes data integration using code-free Data Flows, big data and machine learning with Apache Spark, data lake exploration using serverless SQL, and data warehousing with our industry-leading SQL engine.

Simplify end-to-end analytics deployment across your organization

Azure Synapse pre-purchase plans make it possible to accelerate deployment timelines by providing a single consumption model that powers a wide range of tasks for each of your data teams. This means accessing discounted prices to enable collaboration and insights while maintaining workload flexibility.

Get started today

To start an Azure Synapse pre-purchase plan, you can go to the Reservations section of the Azure portal and finish the process in minutes.

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