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itnetX has been providing high-quality services to our customers in the Microsoft environment and supported companies of all sizes and in all industries during planning, implementing and operating IT infrastructures, management and software solutions for several years. itnetX solutions are designed to support and relief the business and IT departments of our customers.
We are specializing on Microsoft technologies such as System Center, Windows Server, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Stack.

itnetX helps customers in the digital transformation and building and migrating services in Azure and Azure Stack focusing on cloud infrastructure.

Azure & Azure Stack Consulting & Planning
itnetX will support you do build Business Cases, integration and capacity planning as well as building offerings and solutions for your customers. ItnetX will also help you to build your Hybrid Cloud environment and connection to Microsoft Azure.
- Building Solutions and Business Cases
- Architectural design
- Planning workload migration
- Building containers strategy and best practices
- Building and designing Azure Resource Manager Templates
- Architecting Hybrid Cloud solutions using Azure Stack and Azure
- Support building a Cloud friendly organization with new roles like Cloud Operators, Cloud Administrators and more
- Building Offerings and Services
- Planning for Azure Stack Disconnected Scenarios
- Planning Integration in your datacenter (Network, Identity, Automation, ITSM, Monitoring and more)
- Planning Backup and Disaster Recovery
- Planning Subscriptions and Offering
- Support with integration of Third Party solutions

Azure Stack Deployment & Integration

The deployment of Azure Stack Is done by the OEM directly, but there are several tasks which need to be done to finally use and integrate Azure Stack fully in your environment. itnetX will provide with that support. We will help you integrate Azure Stack in your datacenter. Focusing on things like:

- Identity Azure AD or ADFS Integration
- Syslog and Monitoring integration
- ITSM integration
- Building Azure Resource Manager Templates, Images, Templates
- Creating offerings and Services
- Help Building Automation
- Public Cloud Integration in Microsoft Azure, Azure AD, Subscriptions and so on
- Integration of Backup an Disaster Recovery
- Azure Market Place Syndication

Azure Stack as a Service (Operating Azure Stack)
After deploying Azure Stack, Azure Stack needs to be operated an managed. Azure Stack will enable introduce new operational processes, service models and oversight that can help your teams make the most of your deployment. ItnetX and the operational service team can help you managing Azure Stack help with failures and capacity management. In this case you only have to focus on solutions on Azure Stack.

Hybrid Cloud Training Workshops
Focusing on your needs, itnetX can deliver workshops focusing on Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack helping you to understand and build hybrid cloud environments.


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