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현재 Azure에서 통합 서비스를 사용하는 고객

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Agile enterprise connectivity anywhere

Modern enterprise IT is hybrid and relies on data from on-premises and the cloud. Quickly connect and orchestrate SaaS applications with each other and with on-premises LOB applications using Logic Apps, BizTalk Server, and a broad set of out-of-the-box connectors or custom APIs. Choose from a wide set of connectors like Salesforce, Box, Office 365, Dynamics CRM, and more.

Embrace digital transformation with APIs

Position for the future with API-centric connectivity. Discover, manage, and secure your API-led connectivity. Leverage a turnkey management solution for publishing APIs to external and internal consumers. Make your applications and data available to customers, partners, and the world via APIs.

Power of Azure is now at your fingertips

Go beyond integration by leveraging the growing set of Azure services to extract value from all data sources, across any device. Get actionable intelligence through services like Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, and Data Lake Analytics. Connect to millions of devices with IoT Hub and IoT Suite. Tap into new innovations like microservices and serverless with Service Fabric and App Service.

Enable every person in your organization to be more productive

Microsoft Integration offers tools that enable every person in your organization to work smarter and be more productive. Microsoft Flow, built on the same core technology as Logic Apps, allows any business user in your organization to become a citizen integrator and easily create workflows using point-and-click templates and pre-built connectors.

Reference architecture

Connect your on-premises LOB applications to SaaS applications by leveraging existing investments

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