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Public Preview: SQL Server on Azure VM storage configuration deployment experience with support for Premium SSD v2

Published date: May 08, 2024

Premium SSD v2 enhances SQL Server workloads on Azure Virtual Machines by delivering higher IOPS and throughput, with capabilities of up to 80,000 IOPS and 1,200 MB/s for a single disk, ensuring consistent sub-millisecond latency. This next-generation storage solution is tailored for performance-sensitive workloads. It provides increased flexibility and cost efficiency with precise provisioning of disk sizes, IOPS, and throughput to align with specific workload demands. 
In the SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machine portal experience, you can easily provision storage to your specifications. The complexities of constructing an optimized storage pool are seamlessly managed behind the scenes simplifying your experience when provisioning storage for SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines. 

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