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Priority support plans now available from the providers of top Linux distributions

Published date: May 12, 2014
If you’re running Linux in Azure Virtual Machines and have purchased Azure support, you can access new support plans that are available from top Linux distributions. You just need to deploy the associated image from the Azure image gallery.Choose from one of the following support plans:
ProviderSupport plans*
CanonicalBasic, Standard, Premium
OpenLogicBasic, Standard
SUSEBasic, Premium
* The plans and providers are subject to change. Please review the information available with the associated image for the most current pricing and terms of support.Requests for support are routed through the regular, paid Azure support channels to determine whether the issue is related to the infrastructure or the operating system. If the issue is related to the operating system, the request is transitioned to the appropriate Linux provider’s support process.There's more information available on the Linux Support Plans page. To get a comprehensive look at pricing, visit the Linux Support Plans Pricing Details page.
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