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PowerShell support for Server Migration with Azure Migrate is now generally available

Published date: November 02, 2020

The Server Migration tool in Azure Migrate helps you easily migrate servers and applications to Azure virtual machines. The tool offers agentless options for migration of VMware virtual machines and Hyper-V virtual machines to Azure, and an agent-based option for migration of physical servers, and servers from other clouds.

With the addition of a new PowerShell based management interface for the Server Migration tool, you can now configure and manage replication of servers to Azure and migrate them to Azure virtual machines using Azure PowerShell cmdlets. Use the PowerShell cmdlets to perform migrations in an automated repeatable manner and achieve the migration scale and velocity you need.

The new Azure Migrate Azure PowerShell module, now in public preview, adds PowerShell support for Server Migration tool’s agentless method of migrating VMware virtual machines to Azure. See the tutorial on migrating VMware virtual machines to Azure through Azure PowerShell to learn more.

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