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Java on App Service: Updates and Improvements available

Published date: May 24, 2019

We have applied a host of improvements, bug fixes, and runtime version updates to the Java images on App Service Linux!

  • All JRE and Tomcat images now have jCmd for Java Flight Recorder, a profiling and debugging tool
  • All Tomcat images now have a servlet filter that provides access to Easy Auth claims and other security-related Tomcat APIs (documentation)
  • The Java 8 and 11 images have been updated to 8u212 and 11u3 respectively
  • Log file names will now contain the Linux host’s name (host’s hostname) instead of the website_instance_id
  • The Wildfly 14 image (currently in preview) has been updated to JRE 8u212, includes jCmd, and has a host of bug fixes

For more details, see the Java developer guide. To get started, follow the quickstart for Java on App Service Linux.

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