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General availability: Azure Monitor Logs - capabilities to add value and lower costs

Published date: October 12, 2022

Azure Monitor Logs are announcing the general availability of four log analytics capabilities that will help increase cost effectiveness of log data:

  1. Basic logs - a cost effective solution for high-volume verbose logs. You can now configure high-volume verbose logs tables as basic logs and reduce the cost of storing data that you use for debugging, troubleshooting, and auditing. Read more
  2. Long-term archiving of logs for security and compliance. Log archival enables extending the retention period of your Log Analytic table and storing your logs in-place for up to seven years with significant price reduction. Read more
    You can access the archived logs using a search job or by temporarily restoring a set of logs. 
  3. Search job - a new tool that asynchronously scans petabytes of data and fetches all relevant records into a new persistent Log Analytics table. Read more
  4. Restore - an operation that makes a specific time range of data in a table available in the hot cache for high-performance queries. Read more

Visit our pricing page to see all pricing details: Pricing - Azure Monitor | Microsoft Azure

  • Billing already applies to basic logs ingestion and data archive
  • The rest of the features can be used for free until February 1, 2023

*Some APIs will only be available on Nov 1st.

  • Azure Monitor
  • Microsoft Ignite

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