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Azure Traffic Manager real user measurements

Published date: September 26, 2017

Real user measurements will enable customers to influence the routing decisions made by Azure Traffic Manager, when using the performance routing method, to provide even lower latency for their users than is currently possible. In addition, this feature will also enable customers to ensure that Azure Traffic Manager’s existing network latency intelligence adequately spans the specific networks from where their users connect.

Real user measurements will work by providing customers with a unique JavaScript code that they can embed within their web properties. After that, any time users visit this web property, latency from that client to different Azure regions will be measured in a way that will minimize bandwidth and won't be obtrusive to the end user's web experience. These measurements will then be sent to the Azure Traffic Manager service where they will be used to enhance routing decisions. Other than obtaining and adding the JavaScript code snippet, there won't be additional work required from the customer's side to use real user measurements.

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