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General availability: Azure HBv3 virtual machines for HPC now upgraded

Published date: March 21, 2022

All Azure HBv3 virtual machine (VM) deployments from 21 March 2022 will include AMD EPYC 3rd Gen processors with 3D V-Cache, codenamed “Milan-X”. The enhanced HBv3 VMs are available in theAzure East US, South Central US, and West Europe regions. All VM deployments from today onward will occur on machines featuring Milan-X processors. Existing HBv3 VMs deployed prior to today’s launch will continue to see AMD EPYC 3rd Gen processors, codenamed “Milan”, until they are de-allocated and you create a new VM in its place.

HBv3-series VMs retain their existing pricing and do not require changes to your workloads. No other changes are being made to the HBv3-series VM sizes you already know and rely on for your critical research and business workloads. For more information on the Azure HBv3-series, please see official documentation for the Azure HBv3-series of Virtual Machines.


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