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Azure Content Delivery Network from Verizon Rules Engine is upgrading to V4

Published date: May 27, 2020

Within Azure Content Delivery Network from Verizon, migration from Verizon Premium Rules Engine version 3 (V3) to Verizon Rules Engine version 4 (V4) is scheduled to take place starting May 27, 2020, and is anticipated to end on June 10, 2020. During this migration, we expect no downtime. Once the migration has completed, you’ll see updates to the UI in Verizon Premium accounts and some additional features will be available. See a full list of changes and upgrades There will be no impact to your current workload.

Here are some additional features that will be included in V4:

  • Staging Environment - provides a safe workspace for testing the compatibility of a new Rules Engine configuration with mock site traffic.
  • Drafts - consist of one or more rules meant to identify requests and the set of actions that will be applied to them. A draft is a work in progress that allows frequent configuration updates without impacting site traffic.
  • Policies - Create, store, and manage multiple variants of your rules. Roll back to a previously deployed version. Prepare event-specific rules in advance (e.g., a rule that redirects traffic as a result of a customer origin maintenance.)
  • Deploy Requests - provide a simple and streamlined procedure through which a policy may be quickly applied to the Staging or Production environment. A history of deploy requests is provided to facilitate the tracking of changes applied to those environments.
  • Independent Conditional Expressions - A rule's match conditions may now be configured to be mutually exclusive (i.e., select first match) or independent (i.e., match).
  • Supplemental Portal Update - new user interface that makes it easier to set up rules. No limit on total number of allowed rules. No limit on the total number of matches and features within a rule.

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