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General Availability: Azure Center for SAP solutions

Published date: May 15, 2023

Azure Center for SAP solutions is now Generally Available!

Azure Center for SAP solutions brings together an integrated set of capabilities for deploying and managing SAP landscapes by making Azure SAP aware.

With Azure Center for SAP solutions one of the key capabilities is a logical representation of your SAP system or what we call a Virtual Instance for SAP solutions. Now you can see and interact with the SAP system as an entire entity instead of its individual components. The virtual instance brings SAP awareness to Azure, unlocking SAP management and guided deployment capabilities.

You can take advantage of the management capabilities for both new and your existing Azure-based SAP systems. You can register your existing systems to create a Virtual Instance for SAP solutions (VIS) resource.

The guided deployment experience takes care of creating the necessary compute, storage and networking components needed to run your SAP system. Azure Center for SAP solutions then helps automate the installation of the SAP software according to SAP on Azure best practices.

The VIS brings SAP awareness to Azure and provides management capabilities such as the following:

  • Register existing Windows and Linux ABAP based SAP systems running on Azure.
  • View SAP application Health and Status along with Azure infrastructure health.
  • Search across your entire SAP estate with Azure Resource Graph. 
  • Start/stop the entire SAP system and (NEW) individual instances, including SAP HANA directly from within Azure.
  • Azure Monitor for SAP solutions – integrated to provide deep monitoring capabilities for your SAP system, including SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver.
  • Azure Cost Management & Billing – Summarized cost of the non-shared resources for an SAP system in Azure Cost Management.
  • Quality Checks through Azure Advisor – Hundreds of quality checks integrated with Azure Advisor automatically detecting if the SAP system deviates from documented standards and best practices.

Regions: Azure Center for SAP solutions is currently available in East US 2, West US 2, East US, Central US, South Central US, West US 3, North Europe, West Europe, Australia East, Australia Central, Central India, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. 

Pricing: There is no additional licensing fee for the product. Customers only pay for the underlying infrastructure which is deployed as part of the product or services they enable.

To learn more, read the documentation, announcement blog, and watch the demo.  

To get started, head over to the Azure portal and create your first resource.  

Share your thoughts and feedback with us on our community page.

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