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Azure App Configuration is now generally available

Published date: February 19, 2020

Azure App Configuration is a managed service that helps developers centralize their application configuration and feature settings simply and securely. 

Traditionally, software applications have stored configuration settings inside the application code itself, or in external configuration files. This approach doesn’t work well with modern cloud-based apps. These apps need to move through devops pipelines spanning multiple environments with different configurations, such as test, staging, and production. Once deployed to production, apps need to receive configuration updates—ranging from minor string changes to disabling entire features—without redeploying or even restarting.  

These problems are even more challenging to address in apps that consist of multiple distributed components. Spreading configuration settings across these components can lead to inconsistencies, resulting in hard-to-troubleshoot errors during or after deployment.

Use Azure App Configuration to store and secure configuration settings for your application in a single location. Update settings in App Configuration and watch the changes take effect immediately, without redeploying or restarting your application. Safely deploy new functionality behind feature flags so it can be rolled out to a small subset of users, or disabled entirely if needed. Quickly view a history of configuration changes and roll back configuration to an earlier state. Import configuration from App Services configuration settings or from an external file. Integrate with Azure DevOps pipelines or GitHub repositories. 

Go to the Azure portal  to create a new App Config resource, then click the Quickstarts tab on the Overview blade for help getting started. 

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