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Avere vFXT for Azure: New ARM Template Deployment now available

Tanggal dipublikasikan: 29 Januari, 2019

The Avere vFXT for Azure has been updated for easier deployment using ARM templates. The new template provides several benefits:

  • Easier to set-up. Customer can now configure everything though one easy wizard.
  • Success confidence. Users can now see a visual indication of deployment success with result signal showing completion of installation scripts. In addition, should an error occur, installation logs can be easy accessed to determine point of failure.
  • Automation enabled. The new template supports command-line automation for customer solution integration.
  • Security compliance. A “protected settings” area now holds secure details.

The Avere vFXT for Azure can be downloaded from the Azure Marketplace. Details for the new template can be found in the Avere documentation area.

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