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IT Resource Kit: Get Started with Hybrid and Multicloud

Diterbitkan: 08/02/2021

Operate your hybrid and multicloud environments seamlessly with Azure—across on-premises, cloud, and the edge. Learn about the benefits of a hybrid cloud approach and how to achieve unified management and improved security for your enterprise. Access key resources to accelerate your success, including common reference architectures, free training, and expert guidance.

Download the IT Resource Kit: Get Started with Hybrid and Multicloud to:

  • Learn how to set up and manage your hybrid cloud, and explore hybrid infrastructure fundamentals, best practices, and use cases.
  • Discover common hybrid management solution architectures and recommendations to help inform your hybrid cloud strategy.
  • Find out how customers are using Azure to manage, govern, and scale their hybrid and multicloud environments. 
  • Access hands-on training and personalized guidance to help you get started with cloud adoption.


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