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The Essential Guide to Data in the Cloud: A Handbook for DBAs

Diterbitkan: 24/07/2020

Your company’s data is moving to the cloud and your role as a database administrator (DBA) is about to transform.  Get the skills you need to make the transition to becoming a cloud DBA in The Essential Guide to Data in the Cloud: A Handbook for DBAs.

Read this e-book—and learn how to use Azure to:

  • Grow your existing skillset to include cloud optimization, experimentation, and high-level data architecture.
  • Lower costs and streamline app modernization with automated maintenance and analytics capabilities.
  • Understand the transformation from on-premises databases to cloud data services—and the cloud database technologies available like AI and intelligent threat detection.

With the Azure SQL family of database services, you get hyperscale service, a consistent code base to build once and deploy anywhere, and the ability to match performance to your workload requirements 


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