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    ختراق فيس بوك

    Introduce natural language search query to azure search

    Add natural language capability to azure search so that from the query string search service itself can identify any filters or sort is mentioned in it. Similar service is available in Power BI Q&A.Eg: Show me top 10 results regarding Microsoft.

    Creating a Search account is very slow

    I frequently delete and re-create an account with the same name for dev testing purposes. I have noticed that the wait time keeps increasing after each cycle. Are you cleaning old metadata properly? I often end up waiting 45 mins to an hour for a search account to be created. (Using a Basic configuration in Central US) Please check that using an account name that has been used before does not cause long wait times.

    search csv and non-csv

    Hi,I would like to create index so that I will be able to search on csv/non-csv blob content. For csv blob the content is coming as empty always. Can anyone help.

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